Ready to ditch the lease?

Covid has changed everything about office leases. Sales meetings are virtual, close rates are down, and your team is feeling disconnected as they work at home.

Evrywork can help you tackle these problems while creating new opportunities for your team.

Employees want to work from home – but not all the time

42% of the workforce is working from home because of Covid. This is great for commutes, but hard on team collaboration and outbound sales meetings.

Lower cost

Lower Fixed Costs

With most or all of your team working remotely, why keep a large lease expense on your books? Evrywork lets your team meet on-demand where they live, providing endless opporunities for hybrid workspaces.

Meet Client Again

Meet Clients Again

Sales is hard enough, let alone trying to close a deal over Zoom. Evrywork allows your sales team to meet safely with clients in cowork spaces that are convenient for them.

Powerup Culture

Nothing beats a whiteboard when it comes to team collaboration. Virtual options have fallen short of expectations. Evrywork can get your team back together safely in a coworking space convenient for everyone.

90% of people want to return to an office environment at least one day per week. Evrywork allows you to make that happen without breaking the bank.

It couldn’t be easier to get started

Evrywork process chart

There are so many coworking options out there – how do you choose which one is right for your team?

With Evrywork you don’t have to. One membership gives your team access to all the coworking spaces. When you’re ready for something more formal – we’ll provide you with data on where your team has worked to help you make the right decision.

Choose a plan that’s right for your team

If you don’t see a plan that fits your need we’d be happy to make something tailored to you!


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