Anyone who’s ever spent time in a thriving cowork space can attest to how quickly strong bonds and lifelong friendships can form. But how do these communities come together? How do collisions become connections that shape businesses – and dare I say, lives?


Meaningful work, meaningful roles

Coworking spaces (or workspaces for short) are filled with different kinds of businesses, but one trend that appears to hold true across workspaces is that members typically have meaningful roles within their company. Meaningful you say? Go on… When I say meaningful, we are referring to the fact that the company is usually doing something big. Solving an important problem, helping make people’s lives better – you know – BIG. Add to that, in many cases the founders and/or C-suite are typically the ones working out of the space – so you get not only the vision, but the full passion of the people who started the company…or who are at least leading the charge.


The right mix of companies and skills

Ok so meaningful work is important but being surrounded by a bunch of companies solving the same problem wouldn’t be fun would it? Groupthink much? Surrounding yourself with a diverse community of companies is a fantastic way to meet new interesting people, get different perspectives on your business, and maybe just find a customer or two. The beautiful thing about workspaces is that the good ones create communities of people and businesses. Microcosms consisting of startups, solopreneurs, small businesses, social enterprises, not for profits, and everything in between. These communities help each other out, share resources, and most importantly share in the good times and the bad.

 The beautiful thing about workspaces is that the good ones create communities of people and businesses.

Work + Play

Whether you’re a party animal or prefer to hide behind a pair of headphones and a snuggy – having a close network (aka community) who you can celebrate with when things are good is huge. Now I’m not saying you can’t celebrate with friends or family – but there’s something different about celebrating with other business owners, startup founders, and entrepreneurs who are going through what you are. Who know how much effort you’ve poured into your company. Who know exactly why that beer/wine/latte should taste so good. Even when there’s nothing to celebrate, your workspace community can be a great group of people who you tap for that game of ping pong, paint night or social gathering.

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